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Hey there! My name is Dane Spearman and I'm an art director and designer based out of Nashville, TN. I love working with artists and businesses looking to create a brand or custom promotional content. Let's come up with some ideas and make them happen!

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Branding // Photography // Album Design

Last Bison


After a long hiatus, Last Bison is back with a new look for their latest album, Süda. A conjunction of American Southwest and Latin American influences, Last Bison rises from the herd.

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Graphic Design

Colombia Chocolate


Columbia Chocolate is the marriage of people's innate temptations and channeling them into a common good. Each bar of chocolate not only tastes great, but supports a child in need.

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Branding // Photography

Vacation Manor Rebrand


A complete rebrand of Nashville-based indie rock back Vacation Manor including photography, branding, and motion design to promote their 2019 Spring tour.

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